Connecticut Valley Tobacconist is the largest retailer of fine cigars in the Connecticut River Valley the source of the world's finest wrapper tobacco. With over four hundred different cigar brands to choose from, CVT offers the most complete line of cigars and accessories available. We carry all the popular and hard to find cigars such as Padron, Arturo Fuente, Ashton, and Macanudo to name a few. In addition to cigars, CVT has the largest selection of handcrafted pipes and imported tobacco blends to choose from. We carry prestigious brands such as Peterson, Savinelli, Cristom and Dunhill. We also carry an impressive variety of inexpensive domestic and imported pipes, too! Savinelli 
						   Humidors are always a popular gift idea suitable for holidays, birthdays and wedding favors. Come check out our large selection. You'll be sure to find the right humidor at substantial savings.

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What better a tobacco to compliment your new Peterson pipe than these popular blends! Buy three of these specially selected blends and receive the fourth can free: Sunset Breeze, Sweet Killarney, & Sherlock Holmes. Buy five ounces of our own house blends and receive one free!
The pipe smokers must useful accessory is a reliable butane lighter. Matches are OK, but I prefer the CARRINGTON and CONNAUGHT lighters made by Colibri - the worlds largest manufacturer of quality lighters. These lighters are accented in several handsome colors. The Carrington (pictured on the left) features a clever designed rotating trigger and 45 degree angle flame. It also has a clever holographic of the Colibri Group logo. The Connaught also features a 45 degree angle and built in tamper. Both have a nice weighty feel and come with a one year manufacturers warranty. Available colors: Connaught - Copper satin, silver satin and silver checkerboard. Carrington - faux tortoiseshell, silver & matte black. Order now while supplies last!
Here's something all pipe smokers need. This pipe stand is made of solid teak wood. Impeccable styling and quality have made this the biggest selling item of its kind. Made by SAVINELLI-Italy, a name synonymous for quality. Holds most pipes/ standard sizing. Dbl stand also available - email for price.
Lately we have noticed a re-newed interest in the pipe. Many new and old customers, including cigar smokers are discovering this "old" art. Folks who are trying to beat the high cost of cigarettes are joining this trend in significant numbers, too. With pipe smoking you will enjoy a variety of flavors that no other type of smoking can offer. To discover your own individual taste in a tobacco blend, a little patience and exploration is necessary.
-The cake retains the flavor of each tobacco smoked.
- When trying a new blend..GIVE IT A CHANCE.
- A pipe full of this and a pipe full of that not only
confuses you...but the pipe!
- Let the cake of a pipe fully absorb the flavor of each
new blend.
- Reserve one pipe for one particular new blend.
DON'T BE A POUCH HOPPER...You are looking for that "perfect" smoke, so give each blend at least a two ounce try. Is "Sniffing" The Answer? Because an aroma comes leaping out of a package doesn't mean that you have found that mild sweet tobacco you are looking for. Much to the contrary, many sweet gentle tobaccos have no aroma at all but are savored in subtle goodness AFTER you light up. What is a tobacco blender? A blender knows what each tobacco will "do"...where each blend satisfies in strength and flavor. It is his job to help you find the right tobacco. YOU'LL FIND THIS EXPERT BLENDER AT CONNECTICUT VALLEY TOBACCONIST. Try our wide variety of blends...both aromatic and English blends today. Feel free to stop in and talk pipe with our resident pipe expert Kevin Maisak. Here's a pipe shape that's gained a lot of interest as of late. Reminiscent of a by-gone age when "tavern" pipes were the most popular ones smoked. Those where made of clay, these are made from select Mediterranean briar. Made by Stanwell, this pipe come with two stems - one long (as shown - 12" overall length) and the other 4" long. The long stem produces the coolest smoke possible. A unique series of pipe that should be part of any serious collection. Available in smooth and rusticated finish.


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