Hi there,

I just got my box of Widow's Son cigars today and I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy. I could tell from the aroma as soon as I opened them that they were a quality cigar and that I was going to like them a lot. Then I lit one up and I have to say, these are now my new favorite cigar. I can't wait to share them with my lodge brothers. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Chris Bonner
Bellingham, WA

Ok First Off, Thank you for shipping out the item. Mail Received, Aye Sir.

Second, thank you for the standard that you hold your Company too, it is not everyday that I get shocked by what I see. I have been in the Marine Corps for a long while, and well.... it is people like you that make me proud for what we do let alone what I do. You said "thank you again for what you do for us back home." well I want to add to that. What I say to you is Thank you for letting me serve. You and your Company do the United States a great service. Not by what you provide, but how you provide it. I am shocked that still to this day that there are people out there that has the Patriotism that You and your Company has shown to just one old crusty Marine. That speaks a lot to me. Just so you know, I have shown you off to a lot of my fellow Marines. We are happy that there are people out there like yourself. Nothing I can write in this email could ever show how I fell, let alone that I am not great with words, but I don't think many people would be able to put them into words.

Michael Tarnowicz and Andrew Tarnowicz (not sure if you are brothers or father/son or if Andrew is your middle name) - Thank you very much for the card, and the extra items; the V-cut/Guilitine Cutter and the Telescoping Tube. They are way more then what was needed. I would have been happy with just the cigar punch. But the hand written card from Andrew was awesome. Very heart warming, Thank you very much. I am proud that I can serve this Country knowing that people like yourself are back at home wishing me and my fellow Marines are as safe as we can be. Like I said before I am not good with words, but Thank you very much again for everything that you stand for.

Staff Sergeant Dietz, David S.
United States Marine Corps

Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant service. I have received my order on Monday. Your service is excellent and your postal service to ship from USA to UK is faster than our service internally!
Many Thanks and all the Best

Mr. Tarnowicz, attached are the pictures of us folding the flag that we sent you.  This Flag was flown for an entire day over FOB Salerno in Afghanistan to show our appreciation for your generosity, support, and your cigars.  Thanks again.

Loyal Battleground Cigar Smoker
PFC Akonom, Gabriel US Army


We got the humidor last night and gazed at it for is beautiful!  Not many things brings a boyish grin to my husband's face ~ that was one of them!

Karen (FL)


America's finest taking a well deserved time-out while enjoying our Tobacconist Choice cigars. GOD BLESS!

Mark. L (CT)

Mr. Tarnowicz,

I just recieved your cigars a few days ago.  Thank you so much for the gracious gift.  We have already enjoyed them to a high degree.  I've distributed the cigars with the cards you sent also to as many cigar smokers as I could find.
I'm receiving nothing but rave reviews.  Once again thank you for the cigars. I'm sure we will order more again soon.  I hope all is well at battleground.
Have a wonderful day. 

PFC Gabriel

Just lit up an OPK Robusto on the "veranda" while ago - Wow!  I quit buying what was being passed off as cigars in the 90's and am glad I read about OPK online. Somebody knows what they are doing with these - the fermentation and aging are truly artfully done. Many thanks!  Dad was in the tobacco business for years and my only regret is that he is not around to enjoy these.  He always said that some of the best cigar tobacco in the world was in Connecticut and OPK has proved him right.  I am giving away my Padrons and Patels....

Fitz - North Carolina


I received the bundle of your Battleground "foot soldier" robustos yesterday and am very pleased with them! Finally, a quality cigar I can afford. You will be hearing from me again and again.
Jim - Brattleboro, VT

Kevin -
It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday.  You've got a great shop there... brimming over with old world atmosphere, wonderful aromas and handsome merchandise.  I especially appreciated the time you took to talk with me about pipe tobacco blending.  I'm only sorry I didn't have more time to speak.
You were right, by the way, I'm really enjoying the Hardcastle pipe.  It is a handsome addition to my collection and I imagine it will bring me years of enjoyment.                                 

Smoke in peace.


Mike/Kevin -

Thanks for a great Christmas Party 04'!

Raffle winners: Lee "The Chairman" Gondarowski (clean & sober 17 yrs!) , Steve Clark, Tommy Munger


Just got my first order of OPK Robustos and I am extremely pleased! The flavor is excellent as well as the spice. I was particularly impressed with the impeccable construction and ease of the draw. The Old Powder Keg line of cigars is just what the Doctor ordered! Where have you guys been all my life? Well, consider OPK part of my regular rotation and I can't wait to try some of your other products. Good work guys! God bless America and God bless Old Powder Keg!
Elliott, Los Angeles, CA


Sorry it has taken me so long to send you this PIC.  Here I am in Paris over the holidays with a "Alabama Raider."  I brought a few with me on the week-long trip and was standing in the rain having a great smoke with the Eiffel Tower over my shoulder.  I am headed to Australia and Tahiti in April and will most certainly take a few Battleground Cigars.  Thanks again for making a great smoke.

Hello, Just thought you'd like to know that the tin of Penzance you shipped to me via UPS got to me on the very next day after I talked to you on the phone. I wanted to thank you for the prompt and courteous service. Have a happy holiday! 

Mark  Valhalla, NY

Hey Mike,

Great story huh?! I actually smiled when I got to work (2:30am) this morning. Here's an extra newspaper for Walter.

Joe and Penny - Enfield
"Being a fan of medium to full bodied Honduran cigars, I was very impressed with your Old Powder Keg, the construction, draw, ash and burn made it one of the best cigars I've had in a long time.

The US Grant Battlegrounds were very good as well. The Battlegrounds are just as you advertised, mild to medium, so if that's what someone's looking for, they won't be disappointed!."

Bill J. CT 
"Dude : those old powder keg robusto's are great. Please send me 2 x 25 : I have a friend who wants them as well."
Rich - NY

Got my pipe yesterday....filled it with my favourite 'baccy last night and test-drove it! What an experience! I have several Butz-Choquin pipes in my collection, and they are nice, but the Peterson outclasses them all. I never thought I would own a genuine Peterson at such a reasonable
price. This pipe has a very satisfying weight and feel, and smokes very well. It reminds me of the better reasons I had for taking up this pastime in the first place, and I think it will become my new "favourite companion." 
Rich (Kirkland Lake, Ontario)
You have the best place around!
Joe (Shelton, Ct)
Great cigar, my friend! The blend was fantastic..does it have some dominican filler in it? Nice heavy smoke and great construction. Personally, i tasted some floral undertones (maybe it was more like subtle spice) may just have a cigar featured in CA some day. Overall, I'll be in to buy some more. Good job!
Gregg E. (Enfield, CT)- commenting on CVT's Mystery Cigar
Thanks for a great night and cigar last Friday. The "mystery cigar" is one of the best smokes I have had in recent memory.
Chris A. - commenting on CVT's Mystery Cigar
Mike : your cigar is great ! : beautiful texture and burn: I even received a compliment about the smell in a room !
Rich C from NY - commenting on CVT's Mystery Cigar

Mike: I purchased two handrolled cigars from your vendor-site at this years New York State Fair. My friend and I both agreed it was one of the BEST we ever had ! My cigar smoking friend and I are very happy we wondered into your shop and sampled your fine products.Thanks again, George



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